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He works directly under the instruction and supervision of AMSP. His main functions are:

1. Including Supervision of the work of comptroller and Asst. Comptroller, he will be in overall charge of the President’s household affairs including catering arrangements.

2. To be overall responsible for the President’s Family.

3. To be Responsible for Govt. Stores and take necessary action against any pilferage.

4. To be responsible for bringing to the notice of AMSP about requirements of various household stores and maintenance of the respective stores and stock registers.

5. To bring to the notice of AMSP of all requirements of furniture and furnishing of the President’s residence.

6. To ensure that all additions and all losses are promptly reported to and brought on record.

7. To take proper care of all articles and to make periodical stocktaking.

8. To look after the comforts of the VIPs and guests staying in the President’s house.

9. To ensure hygiene and sanitation of the President’s House including guest room’s consultation with the Medical Officer.

10. To be responsible for the daily household purchases and timely rendering of proper account with appropriate vouchers for accounts branch.

11. To exercise strict vigilance in respect of expenditure incurred on purchases made by him or his staff as a person of ordinary prudence will exercise in respect of expenditure of his own money.

12. To be responsible for procurement and making arrangement of furniture and other items required for various visits and functions.

13. To collect and dispatch baggage on arrival and departure of the President and his entourage.

14. To be responsible for catering and accommodation arrangements during the tours.

15. To be responsible for proper and efficient maintenance of the furniture and furnishing of the President’s House.

16. To conduct daily and weekly inspection of the President’s House, Building and to report to the Assistant Military Secretary the result of his inspection.

17. To ensure that the tastes and linking of the President, His family and guests are adequately taken care of.

18. To be responsible for preparation of menu and making meal arrangements for the President, his family and guests.

19. Selection and preparation of menu for reception, banquet, dinner and light snacks for any official occasion.

20. To meet the guests on their arrival and if necessary give them time and looks after them.

21. To arrange meals for the visiting VIPs stay at Bangabhaban.

22. To ensure that authorized persons receive the meals.

23. To prepare all arrangements in connection with conferences and meetings etc.

24. Handing over and taking over of physical possession of Bangabhaban staff Quarters through the Care Taker.

25. Safe custody of Toshakhana articles and maintenance of register for Toshakhana according to rules.

26. Looks after and arrange the facilities of physical exercise and recreation for Hon’ble President, his family members and guests.

27. To collect and possession of National flag and the President’s flag.

28. Responsible for Controlling President’s house staffs and looks after their discipline.

29. Any other duty assigned by the MSP/AMSP to the President.

Note: Comptroller will look after the duties of the Chief Comptroller during his absence.
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