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He works directly under AMSP. He is mainly responsible for the followings:
1. Responsible for all protocol related works of Hon’ble President.

2. To maintain VIP register according to the warrant of Precedence.

3. To print invitation cards, greeting cards, etc. and issue these cards after the list of invitees is approved by MSP.

4. To print and distribute Hon’ble President’s daily schedule program.

5. To issue staff instructions regarding presentation of Credentials by the Ambassador/High Commissioner and other functions.

6. To maintain liaison with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Presentation of Credential by the Foreign Ambassadors/High Commissioners.

7. To issue staff instruction of arrangements for the visit of foreign Heads of State /Government.

8. To prepare a seating plan and table cards for Lunch, dinner/Banquet and State and other Functions.

9. To maintain the Visitor’s Book.

10. To correspond on routine matters of Protocol section.

11. To take necessary action and issue staff instruction for for President’s visits abroad.

12. To maintain liaison with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Hon’ble President’s foreign tour.

13. To issue requisition to the defense services for military Brass Band on ceremonial occasions (Army, Navy, Air Force, and BGB).

14. To see that the list of guests, arranged in order of precedence is submitted to the President, Military Secretary to the Hon’ble President and the Main gate.

15. To submit the list of guests, table plan and copies of all references to the Military Secretary by 8 a.m. on the day of small Lunch and Dinner parties, (and 24 hours earlier in the case of lunch and dinner parties), in honor of Foreign dignitaries/state guests.

16. To see that Warrant of Precedence is maintained properly and kept up-to-date and lists of industrialists, VIP’s/Notable persons of Dhaka, Politicians, Men of letters and Heads of Commercial organizations etc., are also maintained.

17. To procure and ensure safe custody of Flags of Foreign Countries for display on appropriate occasions.

18. To arrange an interpreter for Hon’ble President.

Note: Assistant Protocol Officer will look after the duties of the protocol officer during his absence.
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