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1. Duty ADC is to remain present beside the President all the time to carry out his tasks.

2. Other than duty ADC, one will remain ready to carry out the duties all the time.

3. To receive guests of the President on their arrival and see them off on departure.

4. To convey the instructions/orders of the President to the officers concerned and keep the MSP informed of all activities.

5. To remain in personal attendance of the President and not to leave Bangabhaban during his tour of duty except when accompanying the President.

6. To communicate President’s Orders regarding any engagements other than those noted in the engagement list. He would inform the Military Secretary, Assistant Military Secretary,Security officer to the president of any movement of the president and will make every effort to ensure that on every occasion the police have the maximum amount of warning.

7. To inform the aide-de-camp on duty for the next day of any change in the program.

8. To see that all necessary arrangements are made according to the President’s engagement and inform the protocol/comptroller section of all short notice activities.

9. To ensure that President’s valet knows about the required dress of the President at different times.

10. To ensure that when on tours, various items of dress and other personal requirements of the President are taken by the valet.

11. To escort the President from his study or sitting room for all engagements.

12. To meet the guests invited for lunch or dinner at the porch of Bangabhaban and conduct them to Reception room.

13. To see the guests off at main porch, if necessary, when they depart.

14. To check that the arrangements for the preparation of the rooms for the meeting have been made and that refreshments are ready to be served.

15. To arrange enough money for tipping the poor during Eid prayers and other occasions.

16. When the President attends any game or tournament, etc., inform the organizer in advance about the expected time of the President’s arrival and about the requirement of the seats.

17. When accompanying the President to any function, duty ADC will find out in advance the name of the person or persons who will meet the President.

18. To inform the comptroller section for entertainment and looking after the President’s guests.

19. Stand-by ADC will wait for the guests at Bangabhaban porch, if duty ADC is busy.

20. Duty ADC will inquire from the President about their departing period and will arrange accordingly.

21. To ascertain from the President, if he would like to carry any books or magazines during tours and arrange accordingly.

22. General supervision of the Bangabhaban gardens and household affairs.

23. Any other duty assigned by the Military Secretary to the President (MSP).

Note: ADC can’t leave Bangabhaban without the permission of MSP/AMSP.
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