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The main responsibilities of Medical Officer/Lady Medical Officer are as follows:

1. To provide treatment to authorize Medical patients of Bangabhaban.

2. To submit indent for procurement of medicines, stores and equipments, etc. to the administrative officer.

3. Tests the food prepared for Hon’ble President and certifies that those are fit for consumption.

4. To prepare the first aid box and periodically check up the first aid boxes which are placed at various places of Bangabhaban.

5. Arrange periodical check up in the blood, stool and urine of the persons employed in the Hon’ble President’s cook-house.

6. Arrange periodical inoculation and vaccination of the inmates of Bangabhaban staff quarter’s areas.

7. To protect the President’s health, visit Bangabhaban kitchen and Bangabhaban area and take proper action on that.

8. To keep the MSP/AMSP informed of the result of such monthly inspection.


1. Lady medical officer will look after the duties of medical officers during his absence.
2.The medical officer will look after the duties of Lady medical officer during his absence.
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