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Sl. No. TitleDateBn_Date
5. ‘জাতীয়..23-07-2011
6. জাতীয় শোক..15-08-2011
7.(বুয়েট)-এর..03-02-2011২১ মাঘ ১৪১৭ ০৩ ফেব্র“য়ারি ২০১১
8.(র‌্যাব)-এর..26-03-2011১২ চৈত্র ১৪১৭ ২৬ মার্চ ২০১১
9.10th congress of SAARC..22-02-20132013-02-22
10.13th Convocation of American..31-01-20132013-01-31
11.16th Asian Biennial Fine Arts..01-12-20142014-12-01
12.18th Dhaka International Trade..01-01-20132013-01-01
13.1st Annual Convention and..16-02-20132013-02-16
14.1st convocation of Bangladesh..01-04-20142014-04-01
15.22nd US Trade Show 201314-02-20132013-02-14
16.3rd Asian Archery Grand Prix 201125-05-2011
17.3rd convocation of Eastern..17-02-20132013-02-17
18.4th International Society of..15-11-20122012-11-15
19.6th Convocation of Ahsanullah..16-03-20132013-03-16
20.75th anniversary of Bangladesh..16-12-20142014-12-16
21.7th SAARC Federation of..14-12-20122012-12-14
22.8th Annual Convention &..03-12-20122012-12-03
23.8th convocation of BRAC University17-02-20132013-02-17
24.94th birth anniversary of Father..17-03-20142014-03-17
25.98th birthday of Father of the..17-03-20172017-03-17
26.Bangladesh Apparel and Textile..12-12-20122012-12-12
27.Birth Anniversary of Father of..17-03-20152015-03-17
28.booklet showcasing achievements..17-02-20132013-02-17
29.centenary celebration of Police..06-12-20122012-12-06
30.Chittagong Apparel Fabric and..24-01-20132013-01-24
31.Department of Applied Chemistry..26-12-20122012-12-26
32.February 21 is the great..21-02-20132013-02-21
33.First Showcase Bangladesh- Kuala..08-01-2010
34.Homecoming Day 201710-01-20172017-01-10
35.Homecoming day of Bangabanduu 10-01-2010
36.I am delighted to learn that..21-06-2011
37.I am glad to know that North..12-04-2011
38.Independence and National Day26-03-20142014-03-26
39.Independence and National Day26-03-20152015-03-26
40.Independence and National Day26-03-20162016-03-26
41.Independence and National Day26-03-20172017-03-26
42.International Conference on..06-12-20122012-12-06
43.Jhenidah Ex-Cadets Association..18-01-20132013-01-18
44.Language Martyrs Day and..21-02-20172017-02-21
45.National Legal Aid Day 201428-04-20142014-04-28
46.National Mourning Day15-08-20142014-08-15
47.National Mourning Day 201615-08-20162016-08-15
48.National Productivity Day02-10-20142014-10-02
49.National Productivity Day02-10-20152015-10-02
50.Red Cricent Society03-06-2011২২ জ্যৈষ্ঠ ১৪১৮ ০৩ জুন ২০১১
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