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Venue: Bangabhaban, Dhaka
Date: 07-12-2014


Assalamu alaikum

Commandant, National Defence College,

Faculties, Staff Officers,

Course Members of NDC and AFWC 2014,

Ladies and Gentlemen


I am, indeed, very happy to welcome the National Defence College Faculty and Course Members at Bangabhaban today. I congratulate you all on your accomplishments at these prestigious courses.

December is the month of Victory. At the outset, I recall with profound respect the greatest Bangalee of all time, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who declared country’s independence on March 26 in 1971. I also pay my deep homage to the valiant freedom fighters who made supreme sacrifices in the War of Liberation for the cause of  motherland. I pray for the salvation of the departed souls.


Our approach and posture in international relations have been shaped by the aspirations of our people. We fought for political, economic, social justice and inclusiveness. With the passage of time, we have achieved notable progress in our socio-economic, cultural and political arena. We believe in peace and tranquility. I am proud to say that our Armed Forces and Law enforcement personnel have been playing a very significant role in upholding world peace and harmony under the auspices of UN by projecting mutual respect and professional excellence. I wish them a continued success.



Distinguished Course members,


            National Defence College is a very prestigious organization, the apex government training institution in our country. This college conducts courses for high civil and military officials on strategic leadership, national security and national policy making. I am happy to hear that NDC is achieving wider acceptance as a model of strategic level course for the developing countries. Our Armed Forces greatly value and recognize both NDC and War Course. I have been informed that the courses are designed to provide a great experience of learning through intellectual discourse, study tours, in-depth research and interaction. I believe that you have learnt a lot from this intensive academic training and now are able to discharge your duties more confidently and efficiently.


It is a matter of satisfaction that within a few days you are going to graduate from National Defence College. On the verge of completion of the courses, I extend my heartiest congratulations for your achievement in the professional careers.  I especially congratulate the twenty eight Course Members from 11 friendly countries on their brilliant participation in NDC 2014. I believe that you have passed a very enjoyable time and gathered valuable professional knowledge during your attachment at NDC. I hope the traditional Bangladeshi hospitality, mutual friendship and bonds of fraternity will be tuned in your memories after returning to your respective countries. It is also important that you have added a wide spectrum of knowledge, experience and opinion during the course. You are the embodiment of cooperation and may act as goodwill Ambassadors in extending the friendly relations and amity in your respective countries.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am happy to note that with the commencement of far-reaching development activities by the present government, Bangladesh has attained significant socio-economic development despite worldwide recession. Our achievements in enriching democracy, empowering women, strengthening local government, reducing maternal and infant mortality, facing global climate change have been acclaimed by the world community. Our foreign policy is being exercised in accordance with the principle of ‘Friendship to all, malice towards none’ as declared by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Our bilateral relations with the international community are gradually widening and deepening. I am confident that we shall be able to turn our country into a developed one by 2041, as envisioned by our government.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


With the rapid pace of innovation, change and progress, the present world is getting more challenging and  interdependent. To face the challenges, I hope that you will set your goals and principles and let it suitably influence you to serve your country by promoting justice and emancipation for all. I am sure, you would make a huge difference and set examples for others to emulate. I am confident that through your leadership you will provide fresh impetus to our quest for development.


To end, I congratulate the Commandant, the Faculties and Staffs of National Defence College on running the courses effectively. I appreciate your efforts for continuous upgradation, improvement and development of the courses. I congratulate all Course Members once again for your hard earned achievement.


            I wish you all further progress, good health and prosperity in your personal and professional life.


Khoda Hafez. May Bangladesh Live Forever.



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