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a) Press coverage of the ceremonial functions of the Hon'ble President.

b) Press coverage of the Oath taking ceremony of the Prime Minister and Cabinet members, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

c) Press coverage and broadcast of the courtesy calls of the Presidents of other countries with the Hon’ble President, submission of credential of foreign Diplomats and their farewell meetings.

d) Press coverage of the speech of the President in the Parliament and his message according to the section 73(1) and 73(2) of the Constitution of Bangladesh.

e) Press coverage of the presentation of reports of audit and accounts to the President by Comptroller and Auditor General according to the section 132 of constitution and annual report of Public Service Commission according to the section 141 of the constitution.

f) Press coverage of all state receptions by Hon’ble President held at Bangabhaban including the Independence and National Day, Victory Day, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul- Azha, Buddha Purnima, Durga Puja and Christmas Day.

g) To take steps for press coverage of the Hon’ble President’s local and foreign tours and to liaison with different media, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Foreign Affairs if required.

h) Summarization of the report and observation of media at home and abroad and present those to the President.

i) To prepare, publish and distribute the speeches, messages of the Hon'ble President. To examine and preserve the daily news items/ clippings from newspapers and inform the President of the important matters.

j) To brief the Hon'ble President from time to time regarding national/ international, social and political developments.

k) To monitor, control and co-ordinate the work of camera unit, BTV and DFP along with electronic media units which are attached to President’s Office.

l) To supervise the duties of the subordinate officers.

m) Any other responsibility assigned by the Secretary.

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