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Admin Section

a) Take necessary administrative measures in response to the Government Orders, Instructions, Circulars and Notifications, which come from various Ministries/Divisions.

b) Personnel Administration of the Public Division.

c) Matters related to all kinds of advance grant to officers and staffs;

d) Prepare and send quarterly/monthly reports on administrative matters related to the Cabinet Division and to the ministry of Public Administration;

e) Perform the duties of Council Officer regarding the matters related to the sessions of the National Parliament;

f) Internal transfer, promotion, Time Scale, Selection Grade and grant of Earn Leave of 2nd class officers and 3rd & 4th class employees;

g) Audit objections, pension, family pension of any officer or employee;

h) Matters related to Post Retirement Leave;

i) Keep the ACR and service information of 2nd class officers and 3rd class employees in custody;

Constitutional Affairs

a) Preparation of response/answers to the questions received from the Secretariat of the Parliament regarding President’s Office.

b) Provide secretarial support to the constitutional and executive duties of the Honourable President;

c) Present the Summaries received from various Ministries/Divisions regarding Appointment, Departmental Proceedings, Review/Revision against Punishment and appointment under contract and cancellation/termination of the contract/appointment etc.;

d) Place Decisions of the Cabinet Meeting before The Honourable President.

Common Service

a) Procurement and distribution of Forms and Stationeries;

b) Activities related to procurement and distribution of footwear, umbrellas and liveries of the 4th class staffs of this office;

c) Matters related to the management of transport/vehicles, computer, Photocopy machine, Duplicating Machine, Fax, Telephone under this office and payment of all kinds of bill;

d) Matters related to the management of Officer’s name plate, rubber stamps, wall clock, office stationeries and furniture;

e) Allocation of office room/space for officers and staffs, procurement of furniture, curtains, etc.

f) Matters related to subscription and preservation of Daily Newspapers, Weekly Magazines, Foreign Magazines and Press Clipping for the Hon’ble President and for other officers;

g) Communicate with the Housing and Works Ministry for government accommodation of Officers/Staffs and arrange these allotment;

h) Preserve and manage all kinds of books, magazines and gazettes in the library of this office;

Receipt and Issue

a) Receive mails, letters and parcels sent from different offices and people and distribute these properly.

b) Supervise activities related to dispatch of mails/postage and perform other duties as directed;

Fund and Application

a) Preserve accurate statement of the President’s Discretionary Fund;

b) Issue cheque and G.O. of the grants made by the Hon’ble President from his Discretionary Fund and distribute these cheques properly and timely.

c) Place all applications received from various organizations and people before the Hon’ble President.

d) Place all applications before the Hon’ble President regarding mercy petition against sentence by the court, appeal against punishment concerned with service and different review petitions.

e) Perform any other duty assigned by the higher authority.

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