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Short Description: PWD (Public Works Department) is involved with the construction of infrastructures of Bangabhaban from the very beginning of its establishment. Bangabhaban PWD Sub-Division has been created for the proper supervision and timely completion of all construction, maintenance and renovation works within Bangabhaban.

Activities: This Sub-Division is working under City PWD Division with the supervision of Dhaka PWD Circle-1 Currently One Sub-Divisional Engineer and three Sub-Assistant Engineers are serving in this Sub-Division. Besides this 15 regular, 12 work charged staffs and 21 daily labours are working under three (3) sections of this Sub-Division.

Name and address of currently serving officers:

Sl. NoName of officersDesignationOfficePhone
1Engr. Md. Showkat UllahExecutive EngineerCity PWD Division9550663
2Engr. Mohammad AI-AminSub-Divisional EngineerBangabhaban PWD Sub-Division9563834,9568041-291
email: eng_alamin
3Md. Saiful lslamSub-Assistant Engineer-1Section -19568041-282
email: hassanpwd
4Md. Abu Hossain SarkerSub-Assistant Engineer-2Section -29568041-428
5Md. Abu Hossain SarkerSub-Assistant Engineer-3Section -39568041-429

Short Description: Public works department (PWD) Bangabhaban E/M Sub division, Dhaka is directly controlled by PWD E/M division-1, Dhaka which is under supervision of PWD E/M circle-1, Dhaka. Total 54 members of staff are working at Bangabhaban PWD E/M Sub Division at present.

Activities: PWD Bangabhaban E/M Sub Division deals with all electrical maintenance, repair works, supply & maintenance of electromechanical equipments (like lift, A/C), and others electrical/ mechanical works. It also deals with all types of maintenance and repair works of electrical substation.

Sl. NoName of officersDesignationPhone
1Niaz Md. Tanvir AlamSub-Divisional Engineer (ElM) (Head of the office)019 11 295 559
2Md. Ziaur RahmanSub asst. engineer017 47 420 000
3Md. Rafiqul Islamsub asst. engineer016 78 045 972

Short Description: Arboriculture Sub Division of PWD (Public Work Department) is engaged in improving the landscape as well as arboricultural work of Bangabhaban since the beginning of its establishment. The work also includes proper supervision and timely growing of different seasonal flowers, fruits and vegetables within Bangabhaban.

Activities: This Sub Division works under Arboriculture PWD Division under the supervision of Dhaka PWD Circle – 1. Currently one Sub Divisional officer (SDO) and one Arboriculture Overseer are serving in this Sub Division. Besides, 05 regular, 20 work charged staffs and 20 daily labourers work (on as and when needed basis) for three types of landscaping and arboriculture work including enhanced beautification and aesthetic need of Bangabhaban. All these employees work together under the supervision and instruction of Chief Arboriculturist, Arboriculture PWD, Division.

Name and Address of Currently Serving Officers:

Sl. NoName of officersDesignationOfficePhone
1Md. Akter HossainSub Divisional Officer (SDO)Arboriculture PWD, Sub Division, Bangabhaban, DhakaPABX No. 379
Mob: 01712691933
2Md. Sadiqur RahmanOverseerArboriculture PWD, Sub Division, Bangabhaban, DhakaPABX No. 379
Mob: 01718955420

Short Description: The BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited) Sub-Division here is entrusted with the responsibility of maintenance and development of land line Phones system, PABX Exchange, intercom systems, VVIP and VIP intercoms and other phone lines and system in Bangabhaban. Today's BTCL maintains 120 Digital land phone connections. Besides this, the authority appointed by BTCL functions the overall maintenance of 7 lines of DMP, 26 lines of Army, 2 lines of Navy, 01 line of Air force and 12 lines of Red telephone under the jurisdiction of Public Division in Bangabhaban.

The following officers and Staff employed by BTCL are rendering telecom service in Bangabhaban.

Sub Divisional Engineer -1 (one)
Sub Assistant Engineer-1 (one)
Telecom Operator - 6 (six)
Telecom Mechanics (TCM) - 5 (five)
Cable Jointer - 2 (two)
Line man - 2 (two)
Motor Driver- 1 (one)
Work Charged employee- 2 (two)

Name and phone number of the officers on duty:

Sl. NoNameDesignationOfficePhone
1Md.Saidur RahmanDivisional Engineer Phone Cable Division(South)Ramna, Dhaka.Ramna Telephone Exchange02-9563400
Fax: 9565277
Mobile: 01550151419
2Md.Zohurul Hoque Sub Divisional Engineer(Inspection) Bangabhaban Cable Division(South) Ramna, Dhaka. Bangabhaban PBXExchange Bhaban02-9585566
Mobile: 01552358324
3Md. Ibrahim Khalil Sub- Asstt Engineer Phones Bangabhaban Cable Division(South) Ramna, Dhaka.Bangabhaban PBXExchange Bhaban 02-9512299
Mobile: 01712146503

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