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Toshakhana, literally, means a store-house where valuable things of a state or a country are deposited. These may be indigenous and precious things of the country or may also include precious and invaluable gift items such as proof keys, proof coins, replica of important symbols of any country, mementos in the form of crowns, crests, etc. as well as portraits and photographs of any great personality, paintings of famous artists, items of folk art and crafts, etc.

Since the independence of Bangladesh, the tradition of presenting gifts to our Head of the State began. Local authorities and institutions like the Muktijoddha Kalyan Trust, Bangladesh Television, Police Academy, and other Organizations have presented mementos and crests to the President and other dignitaries of the State as well. Like wise, foreign dignitaries have also presented gifts to the President which reflect their country's culture and heritage. Such gifts are deposited and preserved in the Toshakhana of Bangabhaban.

Among the gift items deposited in the Toshakhana, the Bangladesh Flag that was carried to the Moon, the Earth of the Moon, the swords with gold sheathes, replica of Asoka Stambha, Malwiyah Tower, Gazir Pata, replica of Muktijoddha, etc. are noteworthy. As the collections of the Bangabhaban Toshakhana number over a thousand, around two hundred and fifty items of its collections have been handed, over the Bangladesh National Museum for display. The Contemporary and World Civilization Department of Bangladesh National Museum has been entrusted with the task of exhibiting the invaluable items of the Toshakhana.

The Toshakhana of Bangabhaban is now a very rich and valuable treasure house, which records the history of Bangabhaban and is now a depository of many invaluable items and gifts from home and abroad.

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